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FLIR Research Studio

FLIR Research Studio is designed to work the way you do, providing robust recording and analysis capabilities with an intuitive user interface for a variety of research & development applications. This premium, advanced thermal analysis software offers a simplified workflow for displaying, recording, and evaluating data from multiple FLIR cameras simultaneously – allowing you to quickly interpret and understand critical information. FLIR Research Studio also features multi-language and multi-platform support (Windows, MacOS, Linux) to improve collaboration between team members, increase efficiency, and help reduce the potential for misinterpretation due to poor translations.

FLIR Research Studio is available as a 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year subscription in Standard Edition or Professional Edition. The Professional Edition offers an expanded set of analysis tools and features to help streamline recording, analysis, and export processes. With a Professional Edition license of Research Studio, you can optimize your data capture with custom user calibration support and share data more conveniently than ever using the free Research Studio Player application.

Calculate emissivity based on a known temperature and then apply the updated emissivity

Create custom user calibrations and ono uniformity corrections with the user calibration tool.

Trigger recordings based on regions of interest using the measurement functions module.

Pull data from multiple cameras, recordings, or images to create a custom analysis using the measurement functions module

Analysis software that works the way you work

FLIR Research Studio provides users with a quick and efficient way to display, record, analyze, and report accurate thermal data. With a streamlined, intuitive GUI and unique feature set, users at all levels can effortlessly record and evaluate thermal data from multiple FLIR cameras and recorded sources simultaneously.

User-friendly, intuitive set up and control
  • Set up quickly with plug-and-play camera connection
  • Begin analysis immediately with streamlined workflow
  • Hand off projects when needed thanks to easy-to-learn instructions
  • Runs on most preferred platforms: Windows, MacOs, Linux
  • Available in 22 languages
Feature-rich analysis tools
  • Perform thermal measurements on objects of any shape or size
  • Analyze data with line profile and time-versus-temperature plots
  • Generate both types of plots simultaneously from multiple connected cameras and recorded data
  • Better understand thermal impact and drift with the help of Frame Subtraction
  • hare data and reduce analysis time during repeat events using workspaces • Review and recall files using the quick-collect strip
  1. Control connected cameras
  2. Thermally tune the image
    Select palettes
    Adjust level/span
    Target regions with digital zoom
  3. Record data Take single image snapshots or infrared movie sequences
  4. Playback & Analyze Data ROIs – Spot, Line, Box, Circle Analysis – Statistics Table, Line Profile, Temporal Plot
  5. Export Data to 3rd-party formats
  6. CVS and JPG/PNG/BMP/TIFF files and MPEG4 videos
  7. Share data Save and recall workspaces
  8. View images and movies in the free player application
Thermal Analysis Software for Research & Development Applications

Increase efficiency and reduce testing cycles with this streamlined, intuitive software

  • Quickly interpret and understand critical thermal measurement data with the easy Connect ‐> View ‐> Record ‐> Analyze ‐> Share workflow
  • Compare thermal data between multiple connected cameras and recorded data files simultaneously to provide instant feedback on thermal anomalies, reducing the need for multiple repetitive tests
  • Easily navigate the user interface with large, familiar icons that are touchscreen friendly

Acquire meaningful data with advanced recording and analysis features

  • Fully analyze thermal data in unique and meaningful ways using multiple region-of-interest types, data plotting options, and customizable workspaces
  • Quickly highlight important thermal trends and potential problems using the sophisticated image filters, multiple palette selections, and isotherms
  • Optimize your workflow for unique thermal test captures with custom user

Make it simple to collaborate with team members

  • Increase efficiency and reduce the potential for misinterpretation by sharing important thermal data quickly and easily with colleagues across multiple operating systems and languages
  • Export data into commonly used file and image formats, or enhance collaboration by sharing crucial thermal analysis work using Research Studio Player files
  • Trim recorded data files to highlight only the most important information