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INFRARED INSIGHT: speed up essential electronics design and testing

Detect thousands of measurement points across entire electronic systems, with reliable data quantified in just seconds. The quality, conduction, and thermal emissions of every component in even the most complex systems can be revealed in mere moments—taking the guesswork out of quality control and ensuring that every element of your electronic systems meet the most robust standards.

Whether in the early rapid prototyping design phase, failure analysis and quality assurance phase, or troubleshooting on product returns, thermal measurement is a key tool for identifying problems and improving thermal management solutions.

Learn how engineers in the fastest-growing electronics development fields of commercial, automotive, and semiconductor technologies are taking advantage of thermal camera systems to:

  • Quickly discover hot spots and potential points of failure
  • Visually identify overheating components BEFORE they fail
  • Avoid overheated components on printed circuit boards
  • Precisely pinpoint impending problems in everything from power electronics to discrete components
  • Detect trace damage from power surges


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