Open Day | Thermal Imaging Systems | Thermal Vision Research


7th December 2022,

Visit and explore FLIR range of sensors .

The open day is taking place at Thermal Vision Research Bristol office.

What we can help you achieve

The openday is designed to give you an overview of the thermal systems we have on offer, and help show you how they can help resolve your thermal (heat – temperature) issues.

Morning Session
  • 9:30am – Coffee and introductions
  • 10am – A68 and Vicor Introduction
  • 11am – Cooled v Uncooled
  • 12am – QA and application discussions
  • 1pm – Lunch, Coffee and discussions
Afternoon Session
  • 2pm – A68 and Vicor Introduction
  • 3pm – Cooled v Uncooled an overview
  • 4pm – QA and application discussions
FLIR A68 & Vicore
  • Small form 59 × 29 × 36 mm
  • High Resolution 640 x 480
  • 8-bit or 16-bit IR stream
  • Weight 67 g
  • 30 Hz
Cooled Systems
  • Snap shot detector
  • Advanced trigger and sync
  • High sensitivity sensor
  • High frame rates from 125Hz
  • Wide spectral bands and filtering
UnCooled Systems
FLIR Thermal Imaging Devices | Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Low cost
  • Frame-rates upto 50Hz
  • Fixed and handheld variations
  • Multispectral imaging
  • Sound Design
  • New advanced GUI
  • Faster multi camera connection
  • Advanced recording options
  • Better data analysis
  • Supports Mac OS – Windows and Linux
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The Macintosh Consultancy Ltd ( for Thermal Vision Research Ltd )
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T: 0333 200 4667

Based in the South West of the UK we can easily travel to all parts of the UK. Bristol Airport is only 30min away providing quick connection to places such as Glasgow and Edinburgh.