Defence Day

Oct 15th


MOD Boscombe Down
North Rd, Amesbury, Salisbury SP4 0JF

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Join us for Defence Day on October 15, 2024, at MOD Boscombe Down. This exclusive event is tailored to allow military/defence personnel to experience the latest advancements in defence technology and aerospace innovation. Attendees can engage with cutting-edge demonstrations, attend insightful presentations, and network with industry experts and peers. Discover how Teledyne FLIR’s pioneering solutions can enhance operational effectiveness and mission success. Don’t miss this chance to witness the future of defence and collaborate with leading innovators. Mark your calendars and be part of an event that shapes the next generation of military capabilities.

Our infrared cameras operate in the Short Wave (0.9-1.7 μm) mid-wave (1-5 μm) also (3-5 μm) and long-wave (7-14 μm) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, offering critical advantages for defense applications.

  • Speed: High frame rates for real-time data capture.
  • Spatial Resolution: Superior detail for precise identification.
  • Synchronization: Seamless integration with other systems.
  • Spectral Filtering: Targeted imaging for enhanced detection.
  • Sensitivity: High sensitivity for detecting subtle temperature differences.

Experience unparalleled precision and reliability with our advanced infrared technology, designed to meet the rigorous demands of defence operations.

Key Topics Discussed

  • Finding Resolution in a Distant Image
  • Measuring at the Speed of Light
  • The Challenges of Infrared Radiance Measurement
  • Software: A Critical Component of Any IR Camera

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Location and Host

MOD Boscombe Down
North Rd, Amesbury,
United Kingdom

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Gratefully hosted on the world-famous Boscombe Down site.

MOD Boscombe Down, located in Wiltshire, England, has a rich history as a key site for military aviation research and testing. Established in 1917 as Royal Flying Corps Station Boscombe Down, it played a crucial role during both World Wars, focusing on aircraft testing and evaluation. In the post-war period, it became the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment (A&AEE), advancing aerospace technology. The site transitioned to be operated by QinetiQ in 2001, continuing its legacy in aviation innovation. Today, MOD Boscombe Down remains integral to the UK’s defence and aerospace sectors, supporting cutting-edge research, development, and testing of aircraft and related technologies.

QinetiQ can provide an Infra-Red/Thermal Bar Target System for use in determining the resolution and minimum resolvable temperature difference for almost any thermal sensor either airborne, space, land or sea going. The system is suitable for use with thermal sensors operating in the long wave IR, medium wave IR and short wave IR. The system can be set up on any firm surface with the array angle adjusted to suit the application. The trials site must have vehicular access to help facilitate equipment delivery.

About the Day

Registration from 8am onwards with Tea and Coffee at the Auditorium from 8:30 am onwards.

9 am Introductions
  • A QinetiQ host will welcome the group
  • Thermal Vision Research (Matthew Clavey)
  • Teledyne FLIR (Nigel Peart)
9:15 am Introduction to Infrared for Defense – Why are our cameras useful in the field – Auditorium

Presented by Nigel Peart

Experience unparalleled precision and reliability with our advanced infrared technology, designed to meet the rigorous demands of defence operations.

Our infrared cameras operate in the mid-wave (3-5 μm) and long-wave (7-14 μm) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, offering critical advantages for defence applications.

  • Speed: High frame rates for real-time data capture.
  • Spatial Resolution: Superior detail for precise identification.
  • Synchronization: Seamless integration with other systems.
  • Spectral Filtering: Targeted imaging for enhanced detection.
  • Sensitivity: High sensitivity for detecting subtle temperature differences.
9:45 am Introduction to our updated R&D platforms (Hardware) – Auditorium

Presented by Krystle Temmerman

Teledyne FLIR’s updated platforms, including the FLIR X HS series, FLIR Range Science cameras, and FLIR A6301, deliver cutting-edge thermal imaging capabilities. These advanced R&D cameras offer exceptional precision, speed, and sensitivity for diverse scientific and industrial applications. Enhanced user interfaces and improved data acquisition ensure efficient and accurate analysis, propelling your research and development projects to new heights.

10:00 am Introduction to FLIR Research Studio (Software) – Auditorium

Presented by Matthew Hasty

Teledyne FLIR Research Studio is a powerful software platform for advanced thermal imaging analysis. It supports multiple camera models and provides intuitive tools for real-time data acquisition, image processing, and analysis. With a user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility, Research Studio enables researchers and engineers to easily visualize, record, and scrutinize thermal data. Key features include customizable workspaces, advanced analytics, and seamless export options, making it an essential tool for enhancing research and development in various scientific and industrial fields.  

10:30 am Software Development Kits – Auditorium

Presented by Raphael Danjoux

Teledyne FLIR’s Science Camera SDKs provide advanced tools for integrating and optimizing thermal and visible spectrum cameras. Supporting multiple programming languages like C++, Python, and .NET, these SDKs facilitate seamless integration, real-time data acquisition, and sophisticated image processing. Compatible with various camera models, they empower developers to capture, process, and analyze high-resolution thermal data for research and industrial applications, enhancing precision and efficiency in thermal imaging technology.

11 am-12 pm (Breakout sessions will be 30mins per breakout room to alternate)

Breakout Session Room 1 – User Calibrations and Filters
Presented by Matthew Hasty

FLIR Science offers advanced user calibration and filter options to enhance the precision and versatility of thermal imaging applications. These features allow users to fine-tune their FLIR cameras for specific conditions, ensuring accurate temperature measurements and optimal performance. Customizable calibrations accommodate various environmental factors and target materials, while a wide range of filters enables targeted spectral imaging. These capabilities are essential for researchers and professionals seeking precise thermal data in scientific, industrial, and environmental studies.

Breakout Session Room 2 –
Integration with 3rd party Complimentary Solutions (Phantom High-Speed Imagers) Presented by Thermal Vision Research and Vision Research

Unlock the full potential of your research with FLIR Science thermal cameras and Phantom high-speed visible cameras. FLIR’s thermal imaging technology excels in capturing detailed temperature variations, providing critical insights for scientific and industrial applications. Complementing this, Phantom’s high-speed visible cameras offer exceptional frame rates and resolution, ideal for analyzing fast-moving events with unparalleled clarity.

Together, these cutting-edge tools enable comprehensive vision research, from detailed thermal analysis to high-speed visible imaging, empowering researchers to achieve groundbreaking results in a wide range of fields. Experience the synergy of thermal and visible vision technology to elevate your research capabilities.

12 pm-1 pm Open Forum – FLIR Then, Now, The Future

Q&A with Matthew Hasty

Join us for an interactive breakout session in the Auditorium, followed by a Q&A, where we explore the evolution of FLIR technology and its future direction. We’ll discuss customer needs and field suggestions.

Lunch 1 pm – 2 pm

2:00 pm – Coach to facility

2:15 pm – Safety Briefing and welcome to the Night Vision Systems Test House

2:30 pm – Night Vision Systems Test House Simulation

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm – Practical sessions (Range Science Target Tracking and High-Speed Imaging, High-Speed Visible integrated with High-Speed Thermal)

4:30 pm – Q&A

5:00pm – Close off and Coach back to car park

Important Information

Please bring an official ID, such as a photographic driving license with UK place of birth on it or a passport, to the Defence Day for security verification.


There are many hotels around the area for you to choose. The team will be staying at the Holiday Inn just a few minutes down the road.

Holiday Inn – Solstice Park, Near Amesbury, Mid Summer Pl, Salisbury SP4 7SQ

Link to the Hotel website

Meet the kit

Teledyne FLIR, a leader in thermal imaging and infrared technology, specializes in advanced sensing solutions for various applications. Renowned for their innovative products, they provide critical tools for surveillance, industrial inspection, and environmental monitoring. Their comprehensive range includes thermal cameras, sensors, and integrated systems, enabling users to see in complete darkness, monitor temperature changes, and detect potential issues before they escalate. Serving sectors such as defence, public safety, and industrial operations, Teledyne FLIR’s cutting-edge technologies enhance situational awareness, safety, and efficiency. Committed to excellence and innovation, they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in thermal imaging and sensing.

FLIR RS8580 and RS6780

Cooled Range System

The FLIR RS8500 is a high-performance MWIR infrared camera and telescope system designed for long-range tracking and measurement in military range, aerospace, and outdoor research applications. It features a high-resolution 1280 × 1024 indium antimonide detector, delivering data up to 180 frames per second. A 10X continuous zoom lens, advanced data output options, and weatherproof housing ensure precise and reliable performance. The RS8500 offers superior resolution, measurement accuracy, and easy integration into data acquisition systems, making it ideal for capturing high-speed thermal data in demanding environments.

The FLIR RS6780 is a high-performance, midwave infrared (MWIR) camera designed for advanced research and development applications. It features a 640 x 512 resolution sensor, a three-position motorized filter wheel, and a continuous zoom lens ranging from 50 to 250 mm. The camera excels in capturing detailed thermal images and offers precise synchronization and triggering capabilities. Housed in a rugged, weatherproof enclosure, it ensures reliable operation in harsh environments. Ideal for long-range and tracking applications, the RS6780 supports various radiometric measurements, making it versatile for scientific and industrial uses.

FLIR X and A Series

Advanced Thermal Systems

The Teledyne FLIR X-Series cameras, particularly the new models such as the X6980-HS and X8580-HS, are high-performance thermal imaging solutions designed for advanced research and development applications. These cameras cover both mid-wave infrared (MWIR) and long-wave infrared (LWIR) spectrums, offering superior imaging capabilities. The high-speed series (HS) models are equipped with 10GigE and CoaXPress interfaces for rapid data transfer and include a removable NVMe SSD for lossless recording of critical thermal events. Ideal for detailed thermal analysis, these cameras support synchronization with multiple sensors using FLIR Research Studio software, enhancing their utility in complex R&D environments.

FLIR A700sc

UnCooled System

The FLIR A400/A700 Science Kits are advanced thermal imaging solutions for scientific research and development. These kits provide high-resolution thermal cameras and powerful software for precise temperature measurement and analysis. Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications, they enable users to capture detailed thermal data and conduct in-depth analysis. Features include spot and area measurements, radiometric streaming, and customizable configurations to suit specific research needs. The FLIR A400/A700 Science Kits support real-time data collection and integration with third-party analysis tools. They are invaluable for enhancing research capabilities and ensuring accurate, reliable results in various scientific disciplines.

FLIR A6301sc

New Cooled System

FLIR A6301 Advanced Thermal Camera offer engineers and system integrators the best and most advanced thermal camera for Process Control, Monitoring and Quality Assurance. Its industry-leading 27,000-hour cryocooler lifetime maximizes camera uptime for consistent production throughput, while minimizing cost through planned maintenance. Its fast integration times improves yield, through-put time, costs, while ensuring consistent quality. This cooled camera platform provides a streamlined solution for accurate temperature measurement. The Standard kit includes a FLIR A6301 Advanced Thermal Camera, accessories, and 17 mm, 24 mm, or 50 mm lens.

Research Studio

Advanced Software for Camera Control and data processing

FLIR Research Studio is designed to work the way you do, providing robust recording and analysis capabilities with an intuitive user interface for a variety of research & development applications. This premium, advanced thermal analysis software offers a simplified workflow for displaying, recording, and evaluating data from multiple FLIR cameras simultaneously – allowing you to quickly interpret and understand critical information. FLIR Research Studio also features multi-language and multi-platform support (Windows, MacOS, Linux) to improve collaboration between team members, increase efficiency, and help reduce the potential for misinterpretation due to poor translations.

Meet the team presenting

Matthew Clavey

Director - Thermal Vision Research Ltd

Matthew Clavey is the Founder and Managing Director of Thermal Vision Research. With extensive experience in thermographic imaging and infrared technology, Matthew leads his company in providing cutting-edge thermal imaging solutions for various industries with special focus on Defense Research. His expertise encompasses research, product development, and innovative applications of thermal imaging technology. Under his leadership, Thermal Vision Research has become a prominent player in the field, known for its commitment to quality and advanced technological solutions.

Krystle Temmerman

Regional Sales Manager, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Sub-Saharan Africa R&D, Science and Automation Solutions

Krystle Temmerman, a key professional at Teledyne FLIR with 8 years of experience in thermal imaging, specializes in channel partner management. With a strong focus on customer centricity and a passion for defense research, her strategic planning and project management skills drive the company's innovative solutions, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

Nigel Peart

Director of Sales, EMEA R&D, Science and Automation Solutions

Nigel Peart is a seasoned Business Executive and Systems Engineer with over two decades of leadership in technology, specializing in avionics, aerospace engineering, and driving sales and business development. Since 2011, he has played a crucial role at FLIR Systems, currently serving as Sales Director for EMEAI. Nigel holds a Bachelor's degree in Avionics Systems Engineering from Coventry University and has additional professional development in Operational Performance Management from Cranfield School of Management. He combines technical expertise with dynamic leadership to drive growth and innovation in the technology sector.

Matthew Hasty

Segment Leader - R&D/Science Market and Product Manager – Cooled R&D/Science Solutions

“Matthew Hasty is the Global Senior Product Manager for the Research and Development/Science Segment at FLIR. Matthew has been at FLIR for over 5-years driving the strategy and execution of the highest performance commercially available infrared camera systems in the world. Matthew continues to lead the team releasing scientific imaging solutions that enable groundbreaking research and development globally. He has a passion for understanding customer needs and using that to drive new products that always exceed expectations.”

Raphael Danjoux

Application Support Engineer for advanced cooled systems.

Raphael is an experienced Application Support Engineer specializing in advanced cooled systems at Teledyne FLIR. With a PhD in Science focusing on pulsed photothermal radiometry, he has been with Teledyne FLIR globally since 1998. Raphael has held various roles, including Training and Application Support Manager and ITC Global Development Manager. He excels in systems installation, commissioning, operator training, sales support, and providing scientific expertise to sales and support teams.

Additional Reseources

Also, check out our Infrared RD Handbook.

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Get a FREE copy of the TVR Guidebook for Military Test Range Applications: Using Thermal Imaging for Long-Range Measurements & Tracking.

This free guidebook will give you a comprehensive understanding of research and science thermography for military research and test range applications—from how IR cameras work to how they can benefit your project.

Chapters include:

  • Finding Resolution in a Distant Image
  • Measuring at the Speed of Light
  • The Challenges of Infrared Radiance Measurement
  • Software: A Critical Component of Any IR Camera

You’ll also learn what to consider when selecting an IR camera, and see recommendations for military test range applications.


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