FLIR X-Series

Don’t Lose a Moment of Critical Testing

High-Speed, High Resolution

In demanding environments such as scientific, defense, and aerospace research, critical testing events may only last a fraction of a second and missing data could prove costly.  Having a high-performance infrared camera is therefore essential to capture and stream high-speed events flawlessly, ensuring no data loss and no dropped frames.

Introducing the FLIR X6980-HS and X8580-HS: the latest additions to the X-Series family. These high-speed, high-definition infrared cameras offer unmatched data streaming capabilities, guaranteeing zero dropped frames.

In fields where tests are expensive, losing even a single frame could mean missing crucial data.

Eradicate data loss and dropped frames

Record directly to the removable 4 TB solid-state drive (SSD) for extended periods of time at the fastest frame rate without dropping any frames.

FLIR X8580-HS: High Definition Images, Fast Frame Rates

Non-destructive testing (NDT), advanced radiometry, electronic component design, and target signature characterizations all benefit from the X8580-HS InSb‘s high definition, 1280 × 1024 thermal sensor that detect small temperature differences with very little noise. Plus, the X8580-HS SLS—with its longwave, strained layer superlattice detector—offers shorter snapshot speeds and wider temperature bands so you can capture crisp stop motion images of high-speed events.

FLIR X6980-HS: Blazing-Fast Speeds, Crisp Thermal Imagery

To truly stop motion on a high speed event—a ballistics test; a fast thermal transient; even destructive tests on Li-Ion batteries—you need a camera that can capture detailed images at more than a thousand frames per second. The X6980-HS MWIR and X6980-HS SLS LWIR cameras offer the speed and sensitivity needed in the most demanding thermal analysis scenarios.

Motorized lenses

FLIR has made the next generation of X-Series cameras compatible with its full suite of LWIR and MWIR motorized lenses. These cameras are custom-designed for optimal performance, enabling more precise and remote focus adjustments. They also integrate fully with Research Studio for enhanced control.

Record high-speed events precisely

Proprietary triggering, synchronization, and accurate IRIG time stamping system ensures precise on-time recording.