FLIR Tools+ (download card) x 2. £50.00+vat each or £75+vat for both
Unopened licence cards for FLIR Tools+
FLIR A310 9Hz 320 x 240 Calibrated to 1200degC - comes with 4 x Closeup lens £3000.00+vat
Great entry level system to compliment systems you may already have. Comes with the stand as shown and works great in Research Studio.
2 x FLIR 2" IR Window £100.00+vat each
IR Inspection Windows

FLIR’s IR Windows add a barrier between you and energized equipment, protecting you from arc flash accidents. IR windows are easy to install, easy to use, and will help you work with greater confidence. You’ll perform inspections more efficiently and reduce the threat of arc flash injury, all while staying in compliance with NFPA 70E requirements. Choose the anodized aluminum frame, or opt for durable stainless steel to prevent mixed metal issues.

FLIR A70 £5000.00+vat x 2
FLIR A70 51° Lens, 640x480, -20°C to +1000°C

FLIR A70 Research & Development Kits are affordable, ready-to-use solutions for thermal imaging analysis in proof-of-concept electronics testing and R&D applications. Providing thousands of temperature measurement points, users can eliminate thermal guesswork, reduce product development time, and increase product efficiency and reliability. These kits are the right choice for engineers and technicians who need to fully understand the thermal profiles of their systems or require defensible thermal data to support critical decisions. Users can quickly view, record, analyze and share thermal data with the included FLIR Research Studio software or take advantage of industry-standard connections to integrate into custom software applications when needed.

Key System information
  • Spectral Range 7.5 – 14 µm
  • 640 x 480 sensor
  • Framerate 30Hz
  • Manual Focus
  • Calibration -40°C to +1000°C
  • 51° Lens (f=8.2 mm)
FLIR Thermal Imaging Devices | Thermal Imaging Cameras
FLIR A700 Professional Science Kit - £15000.00+vat
FLIR A700 Professional Science Kit

FLIR A400 and A700 Science Kits offer researchers and engineers a streamlined solution for accurate temperature measurement. Simplified yet robust connections help you set up and start testing quickly; then easily view, acquire, and analyze data using included FLIR Research Studio software. The Standard kit includes a FLIR A400 or A700 Image Streaming camera, 24° lens with automatic/remote and manual focusing, as well as FLIR Macro Mode. The Professional kit has the added benefits of MSX® image enhancement, radiometric data transmission over Wi-Fi, and a close-up lens for accurate thermal measurements on small components.

Key System information
  • Spectral Range 7.5 – 14 µm
  • 640 x 480 sensor
  • Framerate 30Hz
  • Manual and motor Focus
  • Calibration -40°C to +2000°C
  • 14° Lens (f =29 mm) with Case
    24° Lens (f=17 mm) with Case
    42° Lens (f=10 mm) with Case
A6750sc - £45000.00+vat
FLIR A6750sc with high temp (3 to 5um) -20° to 2000°C

The FLIR A6750 MWIR camera offers short exposure times and high-speed windowed frame rates, making it an ideal choice for recording rapid thermal events and fast-moving targets. Freeze motion or achieve accurate temperature measurements on moving subjects, and perform a variety of non-destructive testing with this cooled InSb camera.

Key System information
  • Spectral Range 3 – 5.0 µm
  • 640 x 512 sensor
  • Framerate 125Hz – full frame
    640 x 512   –  125.67Hz
    640 x 256   –  243.48Hz
    640 x 4 –        3154.97Hz
  • Manual Focus
  • Calibration -20°C to +2000°C
  • 10° Lens (f =50 mm)
    21° Lens (f =25 mm)
X6900sc - £95000.00
FLIR X6900sc Broadband InSb, 1.5 - 5.0μm, 640x512, f/2.5, 181Hz -20° to 1500°C

The FLIR X8500sc is a highly sensitive, high-speed, high definition MWIR camera designed for scientists, researchers, and engineers. It has all the features needed for research and science: from on-camera RAM/SSD recording to a four-position motorized flter wheel. Plus, by combining HD resolution with high-speed frame rates, the X8500sc allows researchers to fully image the scene and stop motion on high-speed events – whether they’re in the lab or on the test range.

Key System information
  • Spectral Range 1.5 – 5.0µm
  • 640 x 512 sensor
  • Framerate 1000Hz – Full frame
    640×512 @ 1,000hz
    640×256 @ 1,956hz
    640×4 @ 29,133hz
  • Manual Focus
  • Calibration -20°C to +1500°C
  • 35° Lens (f =25 mm)
  • 18° Lens (f =50 mm)
  • 9° Lens (f =100 mm)
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We bring the FLIR x6900sc into the field to look at firearm mechanics, how body armor reacts to bullets, and catching a bullet in flight! The FLIR x6900sc is one of our highest frame rate thermal imaging cameras.

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